‘Good’ rating for Nunney Pre-School

Nunney Pre-School

Nunney Pre-School’s latest Ofsted report has rated it ‘good’ again, praising its “happy, relaxed atmosphere in which children thrive”.

Nunney Pre-SchoolNunney Pre-School provides care and education for 24 children between the age of 2 and 5, and has six members of staff. There are still plenty of spaces left and viewings are welcome.

The baby group on a Monday morning from 8.45am until 11.45am is also becoming a great success, with new mums coming from other villages and Frome.

The inspection on 20 January 2015 was the first since 2008, when the pre-school was also rated ‘good’.

The report concluded that staff know all the children very well. “They plan activities to meet children’s individual needs, which contributes to their good progress in their learning and development,” according to the Inspector.

“Children start the day very happily and enjoy a wide range of interesting activities, which promote their learning and development in all areas well. When children need help, [..] staff give just the right amount of guidance so children can be imaginative and creative, and follow their own ideas.”

The report highlighted that staff help children to become independent and confident learners, while children behave well and enjoy taking responsibility. “They have good relationships with all staff, who are positive role models,” Ofsted said.

Nunney Pre-School
Nunney Pre-School
The pre-school has a “happy, relaxed atmosphere in which children thrive”, the report continued, while good links with the school were said to prepare them well for the next stage in their education.

Mealtimes were also said to promote children’s health well. “They are happy social occasions in which children can enjoy sitting and chatting with friends and adults,” the report concluded.

The only reason why the Ofsted report was not yet ‘outstanding’ was because children do not have access to a wider range of information technology resources, or frequent opportunities to use them in their learning.

The pre-school has already developed plans to make wider use of additional information technology resources.

Nunney Pre-School’s Deb Pattenden said, “We hope soon to start fundraising in the community to address this, so we are able to provide the children with more up to date IT resources.”

Read the full Ofsted report here:

Full Ofsted report for Nunney Pre-School

Nunney Pre-School also has a new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nunney-Pre-School/800449473347141

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