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Events Horizon

Events Horizon Catering & Event Logistics can help whether you need a dinner party, a feast a wedding or event planners for a festival.

Events Horizon Catering and Event Logistics Event Planner in Frome SomersetNote: no verifiable independent food hygiene rating is available for this firm.

No matter how small, no matter how big, from a bit of a cake to the whole flipping gig – this Nunney catering company can help you.

Events Horizon can source all that you need for parties, gigs, conferences, and they cook the food themselves, too, so if you’ve got special diets to be catered for they can sort it all out for you – your local one-stop shop.

Events Horizon has many years of experience in organising music festivals and other events in and around Frome. Having hosted Nunney Acoustic Cafe for a decade, the team also has unrivalled contacts within the Somerset music scene.

If you’re getting married, Events Horizon can not only produce fabulous food and drink tailored to your taste, but also organise the whole wedding for you from start to finish.

From a sandwich buffet for your business meeting or workshop to a sumptuous themed banquet with fitting musical accompaniment, you’ve come to the right caterer and event planner for your event.

An experienced catering and event planning company can greatly take the stress of getting married of you. Why not let others take care of the big day and savour the moment?

Events Horizon is the perfect choice for catering, event logistics and event planning in Frome and Somerset. Whatever your requirements, the team does its utmost to make your event even more special for you and your guests.

Based in Nunney near Frome, Events Horizon works across the wider region. Call today to discuss your next event.

Contact information
Keren Hayden
Events Horizon
Telephone 01373 836 315
Email kerenhayden@gmail.com
Web eventshorizonofficial.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Events-Horizon/172713512795842

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