Last updated: Fri 10 May 2013

Fleet Air Arm Museum

The Fleet Air Arm Museum has the first British built Concorde which you can go on-board and view the cockpit.

Fleet Air Arm MuseumThe Fleet Air Arm Museum represents the flying arm of the Royal Navy. With four exhibition halls, over ninety aircraft and over 2 million records and 30 thousand artefacts the Museum is the world’s second largest naval aviation Museum.

The Fleet Air Arm Museum has an extensive collection of military and civilian aircraft, as well as models of Royal Navy ships, especially aircraft carriers.

This is a must-see attraction if you are visiting the South West, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire or Somerset with its wide range of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft exhibits. A perfect all weather venue for family holidays.

Distance from Nunney
24.3 miles (39.1 km)
39 minutes

Contact information
Fleet Air Arm Museum
RNAS Yeovilton
BA22 8HT
Telephone 01935 840 565
Email [email protected]
Web www.fleetairarm.comlink

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