Judy Fraser publishes third book

Judy Fraser

The Anonymous Mystic, the third book by former Nunney resident Judy Fraser, is out now on Amazon.

Judy FraserJudy Fraser used to live in the Hidden House, next to The George at Nunney in Church Street, from where she helped people all over the world through her pioneering work in spiritual psychotherapy.

She has a big following of people who have benefited from her unique insight into their problems and an equally large number still seeking her advice and support. Now aged 70, Judy felt it was time to retire from the front line of working with soul sickness to make herself available to people who still need her help by way of the printed word. So a double publication has been prepared – Second Aid and The Soul Searcher, Scenes from My Life.

Second Aid
In the mid-Eighties, following an intensive seven-year course at the College Of Psychotheraputics near Tunbridge Wells in Kent on gradution she was asked to work as a teaching member of staff. Staying for a further seven years giving talks and running courses under its auspices, fortunate enough to be influenced by people and teachers of great standing such as Ronald Beesley, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhow and Theo Gimble and those who came after them.

Judy felt strongly that raising a spiritual standard was just half of the deal, this standard must be brought to earth and given ‘legs’ in service to all. First she tried to get the varying organsations to cooperate and to demonstrate broader teaching and provide a united front. Not succeeding she struck out on her own. She formed Second Aid, an organisation dedicated to providing support to people in times of emotional crisis through the media of meditation, prayer, discussion, counselling, and increased self-awareness.

People suffering from a whole host of problems like bereavement, grief, stress, abuse and relationship failures were given help and guidance to deal with their difficulties, resolve them and find inner peace. It’s a service for which many thousands of people will be eternally grateful for her intuition and wisdom.

Now this wealth of experience is available in the form of a self-help manual. Judy kept detailed notes of her work over the years. These are now being used to prepare a volume of help and advice for people who still need the benefit of her wisdom but cannot seek it personally.

During the 30 or so years in which Second Aid was in existence, Judy travelled the world in response to calls for help and encouragement. On more than one occasion, she visited Holland, Switzerland, Canada where she gave seminars, teaching workshops, gave lectures and presentations as well as seeing individuals, – she worked for the NHS and social services in various parts of the United Kingdom, and companies throughout Europe and Canada.

The Anonymous Mystic, by Judy FraserShe also ran a great many overseas courses. retreats and trips to sites of spiritual significance including frequent visits to Upper and Lower Egypt, the United States, Greece, Macedonia, Mexico and Guatemala. With so much travel and work for people such as BNT (Bell Telephones subsiduary) in Canada and Social Services and the NHS in the UK.

Judy in later years took up an invitation to center herself and the organisation in Majorca and people from all over the world travelled to the healing centre instead of Judy going to visit them. Due to management difficulties and the diversity of demand Judy moved back to the UK and continues to travel to this day.

She is genuinely known throughout the world and great many people still want to access her teachings and apply them to their current problems.

‘The Anonymous Mystic’ is available on Amazon.co.uk for £8.76 with free delivery. It is a guide to putting meditational instruction to work within one’s life, in a manner that proves to be useful to you and others.

Judy said of the book: “Finally I feel I’ve honoured the gift I was given by reporting it as best I was able. It took as long as it took to raise the children gifted to my care (youngest now 36!), but it was just as rewarding and challenging as well!”