Tess Chodan Homeopathy

Tess Chodan Homeotherapy

Tess Chodan runs a homeotherapy practice in Nunney and Frome.

Tess Chodan HomeotherapyShe trained at the British School of Homeopathy in Bath, and is a fully qualified and registered practitioner in 2007.

A recent audit of Tess Chodan’s homeopathy practice revealed that patients have come to her for a wide range of health problems – mental, emotional and physical.

“Very often there is a definite connection between an emotional trauma and subsequent physical symptoms,” according to Tess. “Ill-health may be of many years’ standing, or it might a recent problem.”

Personal and medical history

“The beauty of homeopathy is it’s insistence on the individual experience of ill-health, rather than the conventional view that sees it as a collection of disease labels,” she adds. “We are greater than the sum our parts, both in sickness and in health, and homeopathy recognises this vital fact.”

In order to understand a condition and it’s underlying causes, and then to make a truly individualised prescription to address it, Tess builds up a very precise picture of who you are. This means that she needs to take a thorough personal and medical history.

“In these circumstances, patients often find that they disclose very personal information about themselves,” Tess Chodan explains. “Just be sure to relay any information that makes you unique – even everyday things like the food and drink you enjoy or dislike, times of day that you better or worse, or what you love to do in your spare time are important.”

Professional code of conduct

In most cases patients can continue with existing conventionally-prescribed medication alongside homeopathic therapies. It is vitally important however that you maintain a close relationship with your GP or specialist, and let them know that you are also undergoing homeopathic treatment.

“I would never advise coming off conventionally-prescribed medication without the specific say-so from your healthcare provider,” Tess says. “Likewise, as I am bound by a professional code of conduct, I may in some cases direct a patient to a medical practitioner to have tests or discuss other treatment options.”

Tess Chodan runs her homeopathy practice on Castle Hill in Nunney and at the Natural Health Clinic (NHC) in Frome. The NHC is situated just beyond the bridge in Frome’s town centre, on the main road towards Bath, and opposite the Frome Museum. Please note payment at the NHC is cash or cheques only.

If you can’t come to either practice, Tess is happy to do house visits too.

First consultation: £55
Follow-up consultation: £40

Child (under 17):
First consultation: £40
Follow-up consultation: £35

Contact information
Tess Chodan Homeopathy
The Garden Homeopathic Practice
The Rodings Barn
Castle Hill
Somerset BA11 4NL
Telephone 07770 455 779

The Natural Health Clinic
14-15 North Parade
Somerset BA11 1AU
01373 454 595

Web www.tesschodan.com

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