Last updated: Sun 25 Nov 2012

Getting your veg in this Christmas

People often struggle at this time of the year to maintain their healthy eating habits.

Healthy eatingMany people will be looking forward to this year’s festivities due to the great dining and indulgence that usually accompany family and friend gatherings.

From mince pies to mulled wine to the chocolate bowl in the middle of the coffee table, it is very easy to adopt a more laid-back approach to eating habits, with the hopes of correcting everything when you start your New Year’s fitness plan in January.

Well, the good news is: there is nothing wrong with relaxing your diet a bit over the holiday season! One important thing to remember is to keep your fruit and veg count high – as you should at any time of the year. And at Christmas, it is easier (and tastier) than ever to do so.

From honeyed parsnips and lemon roast potatoes to braised red cabbage, there are plenty of options. Vegetables and fruits are incredibly high in micro-nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants and will keep you strong and healthy going into the New Year.

A new fitness class is starting at Nunney Village Hall on Saturday 4 January at 9:00am. Classes are only £5 and last for 45 mins.

These classes are a great way to stay fit and lose weight, even over the holiday season. Classes are hosted by a certified and experienced nutritionist and personal trainer, so dietary advice is available for all attendees. Whatever your fitness level or age, you’re welcome.

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