A very rare Nunney coin

Visit Nunney has secured a very rare coin struck in Nunney for the Visit Nunney community archive: a George Ashe farthing of 1652.  More...

'Dovehouses' in Nunney are mentioned in this 1722 deed. (collection: Somerset County Archives)

The mystery of the Nunney dovecotes

For hundreds of years Nunney had at least two notable dovecotes. Where were they, why were they there and what happened to them?  More...

Preservation in action: a team from Heritage Stone Access did a full condition survey of Nunney Castle in 2013 using rope access techniques.

How Nunney Castle was saved

A century ago Nunney Castle partially collapsed and it was touch and go whether it would be lost forever.  More...

Nunney Hoard

The Nunney Hoard

A hoard of ancient coins discovered in Nunney in 1860 was hailed as “one of the most interesting discoveries of ancient British coins that ever has been placed upon record.”  More...

Discovering St George

In 1895 a wall painting of England’s patron saint St George was discovered in All Saints Church.  More...

Bird Scaring, by Sir George Clausen

Nunney scarecrows

As Nunney First School celebrates its 120th anniversary, we chart the epic struggle to get full-time education for all in Nunney in the 19th century.  More...

Wax impression of the Great Seal of Queen Elizabeth I @ Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Did Elizabeth I come to Nunney?

In August 1574 Queen Elizabeth I left Bristol to travel to Longleat. What route did she take – and did it take her through Nunney?  More...


Charabancs: a grand day out

Charabancs were a familiar sight in Nunney until the 1950s and the village itself had regular charabanc outings too.  More...

High Street Nunney

Death of a farm lad

In April 1850 a teenager was brutally murdered in Nunney. The case raised headlines across the country.  More...

Eventide: A scene in the Westminster Union Workhouse, Sir Hubert von Herkomer, 1878

The Nunney workhouse

Until 1837 Nunney had a workhouse, located next to the Theobald Arms at Nunney Catch.  More...


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  1. 2-for-1 Burger Night

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  2. Nunney Parish Council meeting

    1 May @ 7.30 am - 9.00 pm
  3. Rededication of Nunney Church by Bishop of Bath and Wells

    13 May @ 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm