The Daniel family at Nunney Court

Martin and Maurice Daniel
Martin and Maurice Daniel

The Daniel family moved to Nunney Court in 1883 and became hugely active in community life.
Daniel family at Nunney Court

Western Gazette - Friday 16 February 1883
Western Gazette – Friday 16 February 1883
The Daniel family were particularly well-known in Frome, where in 1838 Rev. Alfred Daniel became the first vicar of Holy Trinity Church.

He held this office for 37 years until his death in 1875. His second son George became a solicitor and entered into partnership with his uncle, W C Cruttwell. The firm was then know as Cruttwell and Daniel.

Nunney Court
Nunney Court around 1907

Martin and Maurice Daniel
Martin and Maurice Daniel
Later, as more members of both families joined the business, the name of Cruttwells, Daniel and Cruttwells was adopted. Today the practice is know as FDC Law.

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From The Guardian, 27 January 1886
George Alfred Daniel married Jane Isabella Morrison in 1866. In 1883 they moved to Nunney Court on Donkey Lane, where they brought up their family of two sons and four daughters.

George and Jane were both very active in village life and devout members of the Church of England. There is a memorial window to George in Nunney Church.

He became chairman of Nunney Parish Council and took a leading role in the management of the School Board. He became president of the Horticultural Society. It was largely due to him that the annual Nunney Flower Show became such a successful annual event.

Hard Bargain, mezzotint by William Ward after George Morland (1803)
Hard Bargain, mezzotint by William Ward after George Morland (1803)
George Daniel had a notable art collection that included Hard Bargain by George Morland (1763 – 1804), an English painter of animals and rustic scenes. Morland learned to paint at three and exhibited his first work at the Royal Academy at the mere age of ten. He was a prodigious painter, producing more than 4000 paintings during the entirety of his career, and sometimes painting two or three works in a day.

Jane Daniel was also held in high esteem by the people of Nunney. An item in the parish magazine of 1908 reads: “Church Parade of the Territorial Army. After the service the officers and men adjourned to Nunney Court, where they were entertained with her usual hospitality and kindness by Mrs Daniel.”

Musical evening
A musical evening in November 1886. Mrs Daniel was stage manager for the evening.

Jane Daniel
Jane Daniel
Jane was a member of the Frome Nurses Home Committee and head of the local branch of the Girls Friendly Society and the Mothers’ Union. She regularly held Mothers’ meetings at Nunney Court.

George Daniel died in 1907.

When Jane left Nunney Court to live out her final years in Wells, Jane wrote a touching letter to all the village thanking the people for their kindness and urging them to keep up what can best be described as “care for one another in the community.”