Faces from the past

Emily Jane Noakes

Researching your family’s past has never been easier, and thanks to the internet we have a lot of early photos of people born in Nunney too.

Here are just some of the faces of people born in Nunney before 1880 (and even before 1800!). If you are researching your ancestors, we recommend Ancestry.co.uk. A free trial is available, after which it costs £12.95 per month or £107.40 per year.

The British Library also has a new online archive of British newspapers going back around 250 years. You can take out a one-off one-month subscription for £9.99 or a whole year for £79.95.

This page will regularly be updated as more information becomes available, so do check again in a couple of weeks.

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Elizabeth GibbonsElizabeth Gibbons was born in Nunney in 1796. Her father Henry was born in Nunney in 1766, but baptised in Ditcheat. He also married in Ditcheat, in 1791, so it is possible that the family lived there for a while. Elizabeth clearly still had strong ties with Nunney, however, for on 4 January 1816 she married Joseph Butler from Witham Friary in Nunney Church. She was 20 years old at the time.

Joseph ButlerThe couple had 11 children. Joseph (right) was yeoman at Wick Farm in Compton Dando according to the 1841 census and farmer of 240 acres employing 5 men and 2 boys at Hobswall Farm House in Farmborough, Somerset, by 1861. After Elizabeth’s death in 1865 he lived in Farmborough with his widowed daughter Louisa and 2 servants.
charlotte-barber-born-nunney-1836Charlotte Barber was born on 11 September 1831 in Nunney. The 1851 census shows that at the age of 19 she was living in Camberwell, Surry, and working as a general servant.

James ArthyIn September 1859 she married James Arthy (right) from Little Bentley in Essex. The couple had two sons and a daughter and lived in Little Bentley for most of their life. James gives his profession in the 1881 census as ‘baker master’ and Charlotte was shopkeeper for the bakery. He died in 1914 and she in December 1919 in Tendring, Essex.
Sarah DallimoreAlfred HurdingSarah Dallimore was born in Nunney on 27 March 1842. She married Alfred Hurding (right) from Wanstrow on 15 May 1864 in Nunney Church. They had ten children together. Sarah died in Frome on 19 May 1934.
William PhillipsWilliam Phillips was born in Holwell in 1814 and baptised in Nunney Church on 2 April 1815. His father Walter was a labourer and his mother was called Jemima. William married Mary Gullick on 17 May 1837 in Wellow, Somerset. He was 23 at the time. After that, William worked as a farm labourer. William and Mary had four children before Mary died in 1846. He remarried on Christmas Day 1848 in Bath. His new wife, Elizabeth Hobbs, had two children with him before she too died, at the age of 50 on 15 March 1861. During this second marriage William is on record as an inn keeper (March 1851), meal man (August 1851) and farmer of 38 acres, employing 2 men and 1 boy (1861 census). Now 48, William married for the third time on 22 November 1862. His third bride was 50 year old widowed inn keeper Mary Debank from Bath. William died in Bath in January 1881. His will, which we have, was proved 9 February 1881. In it, he refers to all his children except his first-born child Ann. Perhaps she had died (there is an earlier death of an Ann Phillips recorded in Bath) or married an undesirable.
Tom Preece
Tom Preece
Tom Preece’s grave in the churchyard at All Saints Church, Nunney.

Tom Preece was born in Nunney in 1854 and married Sarah Cotterill (? – 1928). Tom died here in 1919 and was buried in a family grave in the churchyard. One of Tom’s daughters, Ida, died as recently as 1980 at the age of 93.

John Newton
John Newton
John Newton with his wife and children (click to enlarge)

John Newton was born in Nunney in 1834 and moved to America in 1859. He married Maria Brown in Newcastle, Pennsylvania, in 1864. They had 9 children, 2 girls and 7 boys. The family moved to Iowa in 1883. John died on 29 June 1903 in Marion, Iowa.

ann hall born nunney 1810Ann Hall was born in Nunney on 2 April 1810 and baptised in Nunney Church on 27 May of that year. At the age of 28 she married William Green in Winchcomb, Gloucestershire, on 8 November 1838. She died in Charltonking near Cheltenham, but we have very little other information for her.

Elizabeth Noakes
Elizabeth Noakes (standing) with her daughter Hilda in Canada
Elizabeth Noakes was born in Nunney on 11 March 1855. Her parents lived in Church Street before moving to Great Elm. Records show that at age 16 she worked as a servant. Elizabeth married Henry Jones from Great Elm, an edge tool maker for Fussells Iron Work in Mells, at Nunney Church four years later, on 11 March 1875.

152 Florence St., Ottawa
152 Florence St., Ottawa

Elizabeth and her family left from Liverpool for Quebec, Canada, on SS Polynesian on 16 August 1890. She lived at 152 Florence Street in Ottawa Ottawa, where she died on 1 December 1919.

Sidney StevensSidney Stevens was born in Nunney on 18 June 1838. His father ran a shoe factory on Castle Green in Nunney, in the house now occupied by the Webbs. Sidney left for America in 1863.

Sidney Stevens Implement Company, Ogden
The Stevens Implement Company in North Ogden, established in 1865.

He became a very successful entrepreneur in Ogden, Utah, selling reconditioned second-hand tools and carts to pioneers travelling West. He died in Ogden in 1910. Read his full story here.

Mary Ann GunningMary Ann Gunning was born in Nunney on 26 July 1845, but moved to London as a little girl before emigrating to Michigan. She married twice and died aged 87 on 19 January 1933 in Detroit.
Hugh StrideHugh Stride was born on 30 April 1844 in Trudoxhill (then part of Nunney). His parents moved to Llangattock in Wales before he was 7 years old. In 1864, at the age of 20, Hugh moved to Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, USA where he married Anna Eliza Walters from Derbyshire. They had 9 children. Hugh died on 4 November 1913 aged 69.
Mary Elizabeth StrideMary Elizabeth Stride was born in Nunney in 1846. She married William Joseph Fone from Winterborne Camb in January 1872, when she was 26 years old. They had 7 children. Mary died aged 72 in Beaminster, Dorset, in 1918.
Emily Jane NoakesEmily Jane Noakes was born and baptised in Nunney 1857. Her parents lived in Church Street. Emily worked as a servant at Fairwood House, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire, from an early age and for what looks like most of her adult life. On 19 January 1888 she married Henry Gerrish at Nunney Church. Henry was a farm labourer at Fairwood House. They had three daughters. Emily died on 13 September 1935 in Frome, aged 78. The photo shows Emily sitting on the left, probably in Dilton Marsh. Henry Gerrish is in shirt sleeves. The younger people are Emily and Henry’s daughters and the older two girls’ husbands.
Nehemiah HillierNehemiah Hillier was born in Nunney on 17 February 1860. His parents lived on Horn Street. Sydney Stevens (see above) was his uncle. Nehemiah married Emily Miles from Westbury on Trym on 4 April 1885 and moved to Christchurch, Wales. The couple had 6 children. Nehemiah died on 26 December 1937 in Cirencester.
William CornishWilliam Cornish was born in Nunney in 1858. His parents lived next to Springfield House at the end of Frome Road. William married Hannah Maria Pullen at the end of 1880. He worked for the railways for most of his life, as a railway signalman based in Broughton Gifford and later Holt, both in Wiltshire. The couple had 7 children. William died in Trowbridge in 1936 aged 77.
Frank WilmottFrank Wilmott was born in Nunney on 27 March 1863 and grew up in the village. Aged 21 he married Emily Jane Penny from Frome in 1884. The couple had 4 children. We know that the family lived in Barry, Glamorgan, and that Frank later ran a greengrocers shop in Shirehampton, Bristol. The photo (left) was taken on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1933.
Fred RabbittsFred Rabbitts was born in Nunney in 1865. He married Emily Edith Cox in East Cranmore on 21 August 1893. The couple had 9 children. Fred died in 1931 aged 66.
Eliza BolusElizabeth Russell was born in Nunney in January 1861. Her parents lived in Church Street. At the age of 10 Elizabeth was living in Cadbury, according to records, but she seems to have returned to Nunney in her teenage years. Aged 24 she married Sidney Bolus from Wolverhampton. The couple had 8 children and lived in London. Elizabeth died on 7 June 1945 in Hertfordshire, at the age of 84.
Julia HillierJulia Hillier was born in Nunney in October 1869 and baptised in Nunney Church on 2 November of that year. On 8 October 1894 she married Edward James Udell in Frome. The couple lived in Spring Gardens in Frome and had one daughter, according to the 1901 census. Julia died in November 1943 in Frome.
Thomas Henry (Harry) HardingThomas Henry (Harry) Harding was born at Holwell Farm near Nunney on 27 February 1868. His parents moved to Cloford and Chieveley in Berkshire. They must have been relatively well-off, because Harry went to Eton before the family migrated to Wells, North Dakota, USA, on the SS Egyptian Monarch at the end of March 1883 – when Harry was 15.

Estella M. ColeAt the age of 24 he married Estella M. Cole in Wells, North Dakota. The couple had 5 children, but sadly Estella died of tuberculosis at the age of 34 in 1907. Harry did remarry a Maude T. Regan in 1914, but the marriage ended in a divorce 3 years later. He died 3 August 1939 in Medora, Billings, North Dakota, USA.
Eleanor DaltonEleanor Maria Dalton was born in Ridgeway on 30 November 1860 as the daughter of John and Hannah Dalton. Later in her life she ran a haberdashery in Kingswear, Devon. She died in 1964, aged 104.
Henry DaltonHenry R Dalton was born in Ridgeway on 31 March 1864. The family had moved to London by 1870. Henry died in 1945.