Fred Lestrange’s story

Fred LeStrange

Fred came to Nunney from Portsmouth during the war and became a stalwart of the local community.

Fred LeStrangeFred’s mother was recuperating in this area at the time after being very ill.

The doctor said that Portsmouth wasn’t a good place to regain her health, as it was bombed almost every night.

Fred and his brothers and sisters all came here and lived in and around Nunney. It was a huge change for Fred. He threw himself into village life.

When the war ended he went back to Portsmouth to finish his apprenticeship as a builder.

As soon as that had ended, he came straight back to Nunney, where he has been ever since.

Portsmouth 1940
A severely bomb damaged Portsmouth street, December 1940. (© The News, Portsmouth)
He met his wife Nora at a dance in the Nunney Church Rooms. They have now been married for 59 years.

Fred and Nora have served on many community organisations for decades. They were heavily involved in restarting Nunney Street Market and Fayre in 1975. The event is now in its 43rd year.

Dancing at Nunney Church Rooms
Dancing at Nunney Church Rooms (© Imperial War Museum)
Fred and Nora LeStrange were presented with the Chairman’s Award for Services to the Community in Mendip, given by Somerset County Council, in November 2012.

Fred will celebrate his 90th birthday this summer.

Nunney during World War II

Fred Lestrange’s story is part of the exhibition Nunney during World War II, first displayed in Nunney Church during the 2012 Nunney Street Market and Fayre.

The exhibition is still available online.