Nunney during World War II


Read the personal wartime stories of the men and women of Nunney in our exhibition Keep Calm and Nunney On.

Nunney during WW2 exhibition
The exhibition in All Saints Church, Nunney
The exhibition is still available online. It was designed and produced by Visit Nunney for the Nunney Community Association’s 2012 Nunney Street Market and Fayre, with sponsorship from The Selwood Foundation, Roland John Hair Studio and Visit Nunney. It was printed by Corsham Print. Nunney during the wartime years was also the theme of that year’s fayre.

Consisting of over a dozen screens, the exhibition tells the fascinating highs and lows of life in Nunney between 1939 and 1946. Drawing on the personal accounts and archives of local residents past and present as well as Somerset County Archives and other collections, the exhibition recounts the stories of the local Home Guard, Air Raid Patrols and Invasion Committee.

The exhibition is illustrated with many photos and documents that have hardly ever been seen in public, such as photos of the 1943 Wings for Victory Week – a fundraising carnival parade and other activities in the middle of the war.

Well-known locals such as Owen Hillier, Phyllis Smith, Fred Lestrange and Dorothy Wilcox give their personal accounts, making the exhibition a valuable piece of living history.

Click here to read the exhibition online.