Dipping place, Nunney

Typhoid in Nunney (2)

Water carted into Nunney Ballard noted that the number of fresh cases of the disease dropped suddenly after 5 October...

Emily Jane Noakes

Faces from the past

Researching your family's past has never been easier, and thanks to the internet we have a lot of early photos...

Fred LeStrange

Fred Lestrange’s story

Fred came to Nunney from Portsmouth during the war and became a stalwart of the local community. Fred's mother was...

Whatley Roman villa

The Roman villa at Whatley Combe

Visit Nunney has delivered a privately owned collection of artefacts from Whatley Combe Roman villa to the Somerset Heritage Centre...

The man who led the siege of Nunney Castle

A very rare Nunney coin

Visit Nunney has secured a very rare coin struck in Nunney for the Visit Nunney community archive: a George Ashe...

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