An explosive court case

Nunney rectory, 1860

When Rev. John Challen made improvements to the rectory in Nunney, his attempts at digging a well landed a man in court in 1876.  More...

Nunney market cross

The saga of the Nunney market cross

The discovery of a rare photo of the Nunney market cross in the vaults of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has rekindled a scandal that rocked Nunney in 1869.  More...

Dipping place, Nunney

Typhoid in Nunney (3)

More mystery Murchison pointed out that there had been previous isolated cases of typhoid in Nunney in 1867, 1870 and February 1872. These had not resulted in a pandemic. He therefore concluded that although there More...

Dipping place, Nunney

Typhoid in Nunney (2)

Water carted into Nunney Ballard noted that the number of fresh cases of the disease dropped suddenly after 5 October 1872. The Nunney Brook was still being contaminated with infected human excrement. From 24 More...

suffragettes nunney

When Suffragettes marched in Nunney

Suffragettes campaigned for the right for women to vote. Voting rights for women were a hot topic in Nunney in 1914 too.  More...

Nunney Castle

Death of a farm lad: Part 2 – The Killing House

The unexplained and gruesome death of 17-year-old Thomas George in Nunney made headline news across the country, including The Times and the Spectator.  More...

nunney dovecotes

The mystery of the Nunney dovecotes

For hundreds of years Nunney had at least two notable dovecotes. Where were they, why were they there and what happened to them?  More...

Emily Jane Noakes

Faces from the past

Researching your family’s past has never been easier, and thanks to the internet we have a lot of early photos of people born in Nunney too.  More...

Fred LeStrange

Fred Lestrange’s story

Fred came to Nunney from Portsmouth during the war and became a stalwart of the local community.  More...

Whatley Roman villa

The Roman villa at Whatley Combe

Visit Nunney has delivered a privately owned collection of artefacts from Whatley Combe Roman villa to the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.  More...