Share old photos of Nunney

Carnival procession, Monday 6 June 1977
Carnival procession, Monday 6 June 1977

Do you have old photos, films or postcards of Nunney you could share on our website?

photos of NunneyOld postcards, films and photos of Nunney are not just great fun to study, but they help us get a better understanding of local history and provide a valuable record of the past.

Take for example the discovery of a stone structure at Nunney Castle last week: old photos and postcards can tell us what was on the site in the past, even if it is only a record of the last hundred year or so. Was there a flagpole, a telegraph mast, a gate or a footbridge on the spot that is being excavated?

photos of NunneySimilarly, when the travel writer Maxwell Fraser wrote in Companion into Somerset in 1947 about Nunney’s “picturesque houses, many of them thatched”, old photos enable us to check whether this was factually correct at the time (spoiler: it wasn’t).

During the recent debate about what should happen with the Market Place, it was very useful to have lots of images to show what it had looked like in the past.

So if you have any photos, postcards or films of Nunney at home, please share them with others through this website. Any other memorabilia, such as event programmes and posters, are equally very welcome.

photos of NunneyYou can drop them off at the little thatched cottage in the Market Place:

Jeremy Gaunt
Beehive Cottage
Church Street
Somerset BA11 4LW
Telephone 01373 836 949

Alternatively, email [email protected]. They will be scanned before being returned to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!