Last updated: Sat 29 Oct 2016

Kim Birchall Ceramics & Glass

Nunney resident Kim Birchall creates ceramics with stunning crystalline glazes. She also runs classes at the Nunney Gallery in Church Street.

Kim’s ceramics are hand-built and wheel-thrown with Raku and stoneware glazes. Her handmade glass is blown, cast and fused work.

The crystals are created in the kiln using elements such as silica, zinc, metal oxides and rare earth. These are heated in the kiln to temperatures that promote crystal growth.

Kim Birchall Ceramics & Glass, Nunney

These stunning autumn-inspired crystalline glazed porcelain vessels are created using red iron oxide – rust, basically.

Kim Birchall Ceramics & Glass, Nunney

Cobalt oxide and vanadium pentoxide help create beautiful patterns in the glaze of these crystalline dishes.

Kim Birchall Ceramics & Glass, Nunney

More photos are available on the Facebook page for Kim Birchall Ceramics & Glass.

You will be able to buy Kim’s beautiful tableware, jewellery and other gifts, see a live demo or sign up for a longer course at the Nunney Christmas Market, on Saturday 26 November in Nunney village hall.


You can learn how to make wonderful things yourself at one of the evening and daytime classes and workshops at the Nunney Gallery, on the corner of the Market Place and Church Street in Nunney.

Sign up now for these one-day workshops:
Family willow workshop – Sunday 11 October
Glass casting workshop – Saturday 17 October
Traditional basket workshop- Sunday 18 October

A new series of pottery evening classes at the Nunney Gallery starts on 14 January 2017. These run from 6pm to 8pm. Kim is also hosting a one-day workshop on Saturday 13 February from 10am to 4pm.

For more information and to sign up for the pottery classes and/or one-day workshop, please contact Kim Birchall.

Contact information
Kim Birchall
The Nunney Gallery
Church Street
Somerset BA11 4LW
Telephone 01373 836 872
Mobile 0755 273 6888
Twitter @nunneygallery



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