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Nunney Acoustic Café with Al O’Kane

Featured artist at Nunney Acoustic Café on Sunday 11 October at Nunney Village Hall is Al O’Kane and his band.

Al O'Kane

Acoustic artist Al O’Kane

Nunney Acoustic Cafe takes place monthly on the second Sunday of the month.

Live music includes performances by some of the best folk musicians the southwest has to offer.

Featured artist on 11 October is Al O’Kane. Al O’Kane is a new singer-songwriter and guitarist from Frome and has played gigs alongside the likes of Eddie Martin, Kevin Ayers, Stringer/Bessant, Jim Bob (Carter USM), The Saw Doctors, Chris Helme (Seahorses) and with Ade Edmondson & the Bad Shepherds.

He has five self-released EPs under his belt (three with Mañana Project, one solo and one as a duo with Tessa Bickers).

Currently gigging as an Original Solo Acoustic Artist, Al recently recorded his debut album “Oort Cloud Visitor”. It’s an alternative folky blues-rock crossover with a bit of country thrown in for good measure.

“I was well and truly woo-ed! Beautiful and catchy songs” – BBC SOMERSET

“His high energy performance was fantastic and his soulful tunes are a pleasure to listen to. Al really believes in his songs, and to see that on stage is something special!” – UNDERGROUND SOUND REVIEW

There’s more on Al’s page on the Reverbnation website and on the Al’s Facebook page.

But Nunney Acoustic Cafe also offers you:

A plethora of open mic slots
Scrummilicious food
A cacophany of cake
Beautiful beers and ciders (and wines and softies)
Totally lovely teas, coffee and hot chocolate
Best PA you can imagine
Art for the littlies
Newspapers for the biggies (sorry about the misery, just don’t read them)
And room to chill and blossom!

Doors open at 2pm and Nunney Acoustic Cafe finishes at 6-ish.

Contact information
Nunney Acoustic Café
Keren and Francis Hayden
Telephone 01373 836 315
Email kerenhayden@gmail.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/124651957266

£4 for adults on the door, free for under-16s and performers.

Nunney Village Hall
Berry Hill
Somerset BA11 4LZ

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