Last updated: Tue 17 Jun 2014

Nunney Castle as you’ve never seen it

Attach a camera to a remote controlled helicopter and you can create amazing videos of Nunney Castle. Tricopter Tricopter

The Mr Gyro team creates high definition videos of interesting places using a Tricopter based on the RCExplorer/Flite Test design.

The website not only includes aerial FPV (First Person View) videos of Nunney Castle, but of crop circles, King Alfred’s Tower, Caen Locks and other interesting locations.

Nunney Castle was built after 1373 by Sir John de la Mere, a local knight who was beginning to enjoy royal favour. It was extensively modernised in the late 16th century. The castle was held for the King during the Civil War, but quickly fell to Parliamentarian cannon in 1645.

Not until Christmas Day 1910, however, did the gun-damaged portion of the wall finally collapse.

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