Last updated: Fri 15 Aug 2014

Nunney First School meals on TV

Nunney First School and the Castle Kitchen café in Nunney featured in a BBC Points West item on school meals.


Castle Kitchen owner Richard Nickless on BBC Points West

The news item opened the programme on Tuesday 2 September at 6.30pm. This was because today was the first day on which schools served up free hot meals to all children aged under 7.

The new Government policy is estimated to save families up to £400 per child a year.

Too small

Because Nunney First School’s own kitchen is far too small to prepare hot meals, food is now prepared at the nearby Castle Kitchen café on the corner of Castle Street and taken to the school by car.

From today, Castle Kitchen will also provide meals to the school in Mells. Many schools have struggled to provide hot lunches, although the new policy has been widely welcomed by parents.


Richard Nickless explained on the programme that the visitor trade had taken a marked downturn after recent flooding on the Somerset Levels, 30 miles down the road from Nunney.

“Some days you would only see one or two people and it was quite difficult,” he added. “I found it quite stressful because I had to run the business in here on my own, because we couldn’t afford any staff.”

Richard will continue to run the café, while Nunney resident Keren Hayden (of Nunney Acoustic Café and Events Horizon catering) assists him in preparing the school meals.

Locally sourced

Nunney First School

Nunney First School

Linda Howlett, Head Teacher at Nunney First School, explained on the programme that she hoped wholesome hot meals would boost the children’s energy levels and attention span for lessons after lunch.

Some of the children were interviewed and shown tucking in to bangers and mash with vegetables. It was explained that some of the vegetables used in school meals will be very locally sourced: grown on the school grounds, in the Mucky Pups polytunnel.

David Laws, Schools Minister and MP for Yeovil, was also interviewed on the programme about funding for the new school meals policy.

The episode of BBC Points West is no longer available on BBC iPlayer.

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