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S Bird & Sons Nunney SPAR

The Nunney SPAR shop S Bird & Sons is a family-run business established in 1923.

S Bird & Sons Nunney SPAR shopThe convenience shop stocks everything from terrific bacon and eggs from local suppliers to great deals on wine, jams, cleaning products and pet food. An excellent range of fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products means that the Nunney SPAR shop is a one-stop-shop for all your grocery needs.

The Nunney SPAR shop also has a deli counter with a fine selection of British and continental cheeses, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cold meats and more.

Tickets for local events, concerts and other performances in Nunney are sold in the SPAR village shop.

The independently owned Nunney SPAR shop is part of the SPAR group, which prides itself on sourcing fresh produce from local and regional suppliers wherever possible. SPAR is a ‘symbol’ group, which means individual SPAR members retain their independence but enjoy the advantages of belonging to a global brand. SPAR members reap the benefits of being part of a large international organisation with collective buying and marketing power, a strong corporate image and impressive back-up resources.

Founded in Holland in 1932 by Mr Adriaan van Well, SPAR is now the world’s largest international food retail chain, with 13,600 stores in 33 countries. It is also the UK’s leading convenience store group, with 2,600 stores and a turnover in excess of £2.7 billion.

S Bird & Sons is able to offer great deals on many popular items as part of the SPAR group, while firmly remaining a locally-owned shop with deep roots in the local community. That also means that the range of products on offer at the Nunney SPAR shop can be adapted quickly in response to changing demand at a local level.

Contact information
S Bird & Sons SPAR shop
Market Place
Somerset BA11 4LY
Telephone 01373 836 301
Web www.spar.co.uk

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