Barratt Homes to unveil housing plans?

Affordable housing, Nunney

There will be an extraordinary meeting of the Nunney Parish Council at 6.30pm on Tuesday 14 January at Dallimore Mead Hall.

Affordable housing, NunneyThis meeting is to discuss a proposal from Barratt Homes to build 54 new houses in the village on glebe land currently owned by the Diocese of Bath & Wells. The land to be used is the field between Glebelands and Nunney Catch Café.

Barratt Homes representatives will be giving a presentation of their proposal to the Council.

This meeting is open to the public and for information only. There will be no opportunity for the public to ask questions in this meeting. This plan is at a preliminary stage and no planning application has yet been been submitted.

The minutes of the Nunney Parish Council meeting held on 2 December 2013 state: “It is thought that the diocese have come to an agreement with a developer (believed to be Barratt’s) for housing on the glebe land; no more information available at date.”

Public presentation

Glebe land Nunney
Housing development has previously been suggested for these glebe lands near Nunney Catch.
On 22 January, Barratt Homes will stage an exhibition of drawings and plans etc in Nunney Church which will be open to everyone from 4pm to 7pm. Barratts staff will be in attendance to answer any questions.

Previously land owned by the Diocese of Bath & Wells at the glebe lands near Nunney Catch has been earmarked for new development of up 54 houses.

The proposed housing would include around 16 affordable homes, of which 80% would be rent or part-buy with priority for people who have a clear link with Nunney.

The Council has been discussing this for 4 years or more since a questionnaire revealed that village people wanted more affordable housing. The Council will ensure that the plan includes the provision of a playground and other recreational space.

Flowerfield Estate

Since the 1940s new housing developments have gradually been added to the existing housing stock in Nunney.

Slum clearance Nunney
Cottages opposite The George at Nunney were demolished under the Slum Clearance Act in 1937.

Sunny Hill is believed to have been built to compensate for the demolition of homes in the centre. The initial plans included demolition of many more old cottages on Church Street and Horn Street.

After protest, only some of the cottages opposite The George at Nunney and elsewhere were demolished in the late 1930s under the Slum Clearance Act. Other housing was added on Castle Hill, Berry Hill, Dallimore Mead, Fulwell Lane and Frome Road.

Nunney did not have its own parish council when the Flowerfield estate was built. Frome Parish Council, then responsible for Nunney, took the decision to build a housing estate in Nunney.

Mendip District Council have identified potential site for over 15,000 new houses and have a target to build between 300 and 500 a year over the next 15 years. Frome and Beckington have also recently unveiled proposals for housing developments.