Barratt Homes consults villagers

Glebelands Nunney
The new development would create housing opposite Glebelands in Nunney.

Pegasus Group, the firm helping Barratt Homes with planning and development, has invited over 220 households in Nunney for a frank discussion about housing plans.

Glebelands Nunney
The new development would create housing opposite Glebelands in Nunney.

Last week Barratt Homes and Pegasus presented plans for a second outline planning application to build up to 65 houses at Green Pits Lane in Nunney.


The new application is an attempt to capitalise on an option on the land granted by the owner, the Diocese of Bath and Wells, before the deadline.

The option for the Diocese to sell the glebeland at Green Pits Lane is subject to planning permission and expires in about a year.

The first outline planning application by Barratt Homes and Pegasus Group aimed to build up to 100 houses. It was rejected by Nunney Parish Council, Mendip’s Planning Board and ultimately by a government-led public inquiry.

Apart from the reduced size of the proposed development, most of the original grounds for rejection still appear to apply to the new, yet to be detailed construction plans.

Selling points

Increased car traffic through the very narrow High Street, into the conservation area and tourism hotspot of the Market Place, seems as much of a problem as ever.

With bus services already cut and the village shop at a very realistic risk of closure, some of Barratt’s other selling points are also at risk.

The new plans do include some potential changes, such access at the southeast onto Catch Road instead of Green Pits Lane.

But these are unlikely to relay many of the local concerns that were considered well-founded by the government-appointed inspector.

Workshop session

After last week’s presentation of the plans to Nunney Parish Council’s extraordinary meeting at the village hall, Mendip District Council held a drop-in consultation session in Nunney too on Thursday 29 October.

Now Nunney residents have received a letter from Pegasus director Dan Weaver, inviting them to a workshop session at the village hall on Tuesday 3 November between 4pm and 8pm.

Here is the letter in full:

Dear Sir/Madam

Public Consultation Drop-in Session for Proposed Residential Development at Green Pits Lane, Nunney

I am writing to invite local residents of Nunney to a workshop session for a residential development on land at Green Pits Lane, Nunney. The event will be held on:

Tuesday 3rd November between 4-8pm
Nunney Village Hall, Off Berry Hill, Nunney, BAll 4NR

This event follows a consultation event that will be held by Mendip District Council on 29th October and is intended to seek your feedback on preliminary site layout designs.

To aid your consideration of the proposals, a Site Location Plan has been enclosed with this letter. We welcome your opinions and constructive feedback.

The event will involve round table discussions with members of the development team who will be on hand to explain proposals and discuss various aspects of any future proposal.

We have sent invitation letters to over 220 addresses within Nunney as well as the Parish Council. You are welcome to pass the enclosed details to other people or local groups who may be interested, or let us know if you would like us to get in touch with them directly.

I hope that you can attend the workshop session and look forward to meeting you there. If you cannot come but wish to comment on the proposals, please forward your comments using my contact details below.

In the meantime, if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me, by e-mail, post or phone.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Weaver
Pegasus Group
Email [email protected]

site location plan
Site location plan for the proposed development at Green Pits Lane in Nunney