Building Nashnet House

An impression of Nashnet House
An impression of Nashnet House

Hilary and Anthony Allom are building a new house at the end of their garden at Ridgeway, on the edge of Nunney, over the next year.

Anthony and Hilary Allom
Anthony and Hilary Allom
The couple have launched a blog to post updates of the building progress for their radical new home. After the planning application was posted on the Mendip District Council website on 28 August 2013, the first step was to put a sturdy fence across the lawn to separate their former home, Hawthorns, from the new building plot.

Hawthorn Ridgeway
The original home, Hawthorn at Ridgeway
In November native hedging will be planted all along the new boundary, plus taller trees along the tennis court. After careful consideration Hilary and Anthony selected Nashnet House for their new home, an Old English term meaning ‘next to the ash tree’.

The new house will be H-shaped, in a mixture of redwood cladding, glass with aluminium frames and a steel roof that will look like slate. Separate access to Ridgeway Lane has already been secured.

Although their original home, Hawthorn, is still on the market Hilary and Anthony are looking forward to building their new property. Anthony explained earlier on the blog why the couple had taken the radical step to build a new home at this stage in life.

“This whole journey was started because I said I wanted to move by the time I was 75,” he wrote. “Trying to move when you are past it would be a nightmare.Increasing my mobility is causing a problem so a bungalow was thought to be a suitable choice for our new home. Bungalow’s are a problem for me as I am extremely tall.”

Nashnet House Nunney
An artist’s impression of Nashnet House
“We have lived in our lovely family home for 28 years and my wife’s children grew up here. It is still their home as much as ours. My stepson has always been saying that we ought to try and get planning permission to build at the bottom of the garden. The house has 1 3/4 acres of garden.”

They previously converted outbuildings into a dwelling for Hilary’s mother. Sadly she died and for the last 11 years Hilary and Anthony have let out the dwelling.

“When we did the conversion it was allowed on the basis that it was part of the main house,” Anthony explains. “Having let it out for 11 years we have now been granted lawful use as a separate dwelling. This has given us the springboard to apply to replace that dwelling with another.”

Over the coming months Hilary and Anthony plan to post regular updates on the progress of their building project at

An impression of Nashnet House
An impression of Nashnet House