Houses for sale in Nunney

Church Street, Nunney

Here are just some of the websites listing houses for sale in Nunney. Our property section also lists houses currently for sale or rent.

Houses for sale in NunneyIf you’re looking for houses for sale in Nunney, you may like to know that a vibrant community life, well-run schools, low crime and unemployment rates and a terrific location make Nunney a great place to live and work.

People living in Nunney enjoy some of the best overall quality of life in the country. The village has a combination of relative prosperity, employment, good health, active community life and good local education.

Nunney has a long and fascinating history, much of which is still on display today. Dominated by the moated 14th century Nunney Castle, the village has over 30 listed monuments and most of the village centre is covered by a conservation area.

Nunney has a very active community life, with many and varied activities taking place for people of all ages throughout the year.

Nunney has a good range of property on offer, both for sale and rent. New housing development, including social housing, at the top of the village near Nunney Catch is in the pipeline. The village has two distinctive areas, the historic centre and more modern housing towards Nunney Catch.