Last updated: Wed 20 Mar 2013

Green smoothy workshop

Kids Go Green! is a fun workshop on how to create delicious and healthy smoothies for children.

Green smoothiesThe workshop takes place on Thursday 27 February from 8pm to 10pm at the Nunney home of organiser Julia Jeremiah.

She describes this workshop as a special evening, with huge potential to transform health, energy and happiness levels for the whole family.

The workshop is packed with information WHY the power of greens (not vegetables – greens!) have been so underestimated and the nutritional benefits they have!

The aim is to get you confident enough to start experimenting at home whilst making it fun, creative and appealing to the whole family.

This is a great way to learn how to make healthy and delicious drinks – with or without children.

It’s easy once you are into it, so this workshop really is a kick-start – or reminder to get your family GREENED UP.

Julia Jeremiah

Workshop organiser Julia Jeremiah

The workshop will cover:

  • Background information on nutritional value of green smoothies
  • Green smoothy making with special child friendly tips and tricks
  • How to make almond milk – with and without raw chocolate
  • Special natural sweeteners ideas
  • Energy ball making- the benefits, how to make them and get the kids involved

Booking is essential and places are very limited. The workshop costs £15.00, including handouts, green smoothies, almond milk to try and energy balls.

Contact information
Julia Jeremiah
Telephone 07783 912 900
Email [email protected]

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