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Nunney Castle

How Nunney Castle was saved

Nunney Castle partially collapsed a century ago. It was touch and go whether it would be lost forever. [caption id="attachment_28217" ...


Charabancs: a grand day out

Charabancs were a familiar sight in Nunney until the 1950s. The village itself had regular charabanc outings too. [caption id="attachment_30417" ...

Nunney Castle (photo John Webb)

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle was built after 1373 by Sir John De la Mere and came under siege during the English Civil ...

Nunney in the Middle Ages exhibition at Nunney Street Market and Fayre 2013

Exhibition on medieval Nunney

A free exhibition in Nunney Church focuses on life in and around Nunney Castle in medieval Nunney. [caption id="attachment_10007" align="alignright" ...

Nunney Castle and church

A history of Nunney

This history of Nunney was written in the year 1887, in which year it was published in the Somerset Standard. ...