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Woodcut Frontispiece from Alexander Barclay's "Lyfe of Seynt George" Westminster 1515

Discovering St George

In 1895 a wall painting of England's patron saint St George was discovered in All Saints Church. ...

Nunney Hoard

The Nunney Hoard

The Nunney hoard of ancient coins was discovered in 1860 and hailed as "one of the most interesting discoveries of ...

Child labour in Victorian Somerset

Nunney scarecrows

Child labour was common in early 19th century Nunney for children as young as 5. It took almost a century ...

High Street Nunney

Death of a farm lad

In April 1850 a teenager was brutally murdered in Nunney. The case raised headlines across the country. Part 1 - ...

Nunney rectory, 1860

More early photos of Nunney

Visit Nunney has bought a selection of early photos of Nunney landmarks, including the earliest known photograph of the nave ...

Nunney Church Rooms

Can you help? The Church Rooms

Nunney's Church Rooms started life as the village school and temporary church before being used for social events. What are ...

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