New collections of Nunney poetry

Nunney poetry

If you’re looking for a perfect little Christmas present the Nunney Poetry Workshop has published Hand in Hand, a collection of poetry by local residents.

Nunney Poetry Workshop
Members of the Nunney Poetry Workshop celebrate the launch of their first anthology.

Nunney Poetry WorkshopSandwiched between two exquisite poems by the group’s mentor and author of several poetry collections, Moira Andrew, are poems that will deeply move you, poems that will give you glimpses into their writers’ innermost souls, poems that will make you think, poems that make you want to write poetry.

The anthology features poems by local members of the Nunney Poetry Workshop, which meets round the dining table every second Wednesday of the month. They include Richard Hulley, Allan Koop Anne Percival and Jill Clifton, to name but a few.

Every month the poetry workshops have a different theme, from Doors and Windows to The Moon and Stars to Art and Design and more.

Many of the poems in the book have been generated from the group’s theme-based reading and writing.

Hand in Hand is available for £3.50 on Amazon.

Geese and Daughters

Moira Andrew
Moira Andrew
Nunney resident Moira Andrew has also just published a new collection of poems herself, called Geese and Daughters.

“This outstanding new book of poems shows Moira Andrew at the peak of her poetic powers as she casts an unerring eye over contemporary life, relationships, love (and physical love), and nature. There is great tenderness here as she speaks with confidence and clarity in poem after poem that seems to materialise magically on the page. Geese and Daughters is a treat, rich in language, easy on the ear, personal – yet filled with shared experience and honed to perfection.” – Wes Magee

Currently Moira Andrew has 94 books with her name on the cover, ranging from children’s reading books and anthologies to books for teachers and full-length poetry collections – and one novel, aimed at teenagers.

Geese and Daughters is available for £6.80 on the Indigo Dreams website.

Geese and daughters
It’s preferable to raise geese than daughters
(Chinese proverb)

Geese? They strut
around the farmyard
sleek off-white
peering down
on their world from
haughty rooftop eyes.

Daughters? They kiss
you good-night from
wet pink mouths, dance
in your arms to jazz
on the radio, stamp
in red-cheeked fury.

They grow up, phone
to tell you stuff,
make sure you’re OK,
bake scones for you
buy you flowers
for the kitchen table.

Give me daughters
any time. No doubt
geese are all very well
in their way, but
only those few who
lay golden eggs

merit a second thought.