Want to learn bell ringing?

All Saints Church Nunney (Photo: John Webb)
All Saints Church Nunney (Photo: John Webb)

Have you ever thought about tower bell ringing? Now is your chance to have a go.

All Saints Church Nunney (Photo: John Webb)
All Saints Church Nunney (Photo: John Webb)
If you like company, teamwork, social activity, gentle exercise and a mental challenge, you could be just the person the Postlebury bell-ringers are looking for.

No qualifications are necessary. You need not be big, strong, musical or mathematical. Men, women, boys, girls, young and old can all ring bells.

It is never too early or too late to start, and if you can already ring – even better. This ancient art will only continue if it is passed on to others and to another generation.

Bell ringing is a real British folk art, with over 40,000 people ringing bells in 5,000 churches in the UK. Method ringing as you find it now has been practiced for almost 400 years.

In the 17th century the practice of turning a bell full circle with rope and wheel was developed. From this evolved the art of not merely ringing a fixed pattern of notes, for instance straight down the scale, but of changing the order so that an almost infinite variety of different note patterns could be obtained.

In any piece of ringing the order is never repeated, hence they really are ‘ringing the changes’.

In Postlebury there are three churches with bells: Marston Bigot, Nunney and Wanstrow. The bell-ringers practice on a Thursday evening from 7.30pm until 9pm on a rotating cycle. They also visit other towers and go on ringing outings all over the country.

If you would like to have a go or find out more, please contact the Tower Captain, Helen Parkin, on 01373 836 509 or 07714 504 466 or by email to [email protected].

A taster session can be arranged or just come along on a practice evening and the Postlebury bell-ringers in action.