Visit Nunney audio guide

Nunney audio guide

Visit Nunney has recorded a free audio guide for visitors to Nunney Castle and village.

Nunney audio guideThis audio tour for Nunney Castle and village is designed to be played on an iPod, mobile phone or mp3 player so that visitors can listen to the guide as they walk around the village.

Audio guides are a popular feature in many museums and heritage sites. The Nunney guide begins and ends at Nunney Castle and consists of six consecutive 4.5-minute sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Inside Nunney Castle
  3. Outside Nunney Castle
  4. Horn Street
  5. Market Place and High Street
  6. Church Street

Nunney’s new audio tour was developed as part of a new mobile phone app for the village. The free app will be launched later this month and will contain visitor information.

Listen to the Nunney Castle and village audio tour online: