Last updated: Thu 19 Jan 2017

Was your ancestor Lord of the Manor?

The Friends of Nunney Church are looking for anyone who can trace their ancestry to former occupants of the manor house and Nunney Castle.

John De la Mere

The effigies of former occupants of Nunney Castle in All Saints Church Nunney.

This Easter All Saints Church in Nunney will reopen after a new nave ceiling has been installed. To mark the occasion, a series of special events will taken place in and around the church.

Are you, or do you know, a De la Mare, Paulet, Mohun, De Montfort, Maudley, Sambourne, Whitchurch, Theobald, Flower or Prater? These are just some of the families that once owned one or more of the three manors of Nunney and worshipped in the church.

For centuries Nunney had two main manors, own owned by the occupants of Nunney Castle and another one that was mainly focused on the manor house next to it.

The third manor, Nunney Glaston, referred to the period when Glastonbury owned much land in our village. It disappeared when the land became part of the other manors.

The Friends of Nunney Church are planning a celebratory gathering when the church reopens this spring. Please use the contact form below to register your interest in attending. As soon as the exact dates are known, you will receive an invitation.

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