Last updated: Tue 4 Aug 2015

What a good sign!

Local artist Tim Kingsmill-Brown volunteered to restore the classic fingerpost sign in the Market Place.

signThe old sign had become almost illegible over time, but with Tim’s care and attention is now slowly returning to its former glory.

Tim has worked as a professional artist for some 25 years, mainly doing commissioned work for interior design projects and private collectors.

Commissions have come from as far afield as South Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Europe, New York, Tokyo and Mexico.

signHis work has been exhibited in London, including Bond Street, Bath, Los Angeles, Dubai and Bali.

During the last eight years Tim has been painting in Bali which has been a source of inspiration for artists from many nations.

But he didn’t hesitate when it came to putting his skills to the more mondaine task of repainting Nunney’s fingerpost sign. Well done, Tim!

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