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netwalking south west

Netwalking South West ~ doing business differently,

one step at a time . .

Netwalking combines networking and walking, and 'netwalking south west' is for anyone in business in the west country, providing mixed and women only days. Offering seasonal walks we begin and end at a coffee shop, cafe or your venue . . These walks are a great opportunity to connect, be inspired, unleash creative thinking and build relationships in a different way.

NWSW offers the opportunity to go deeper than you might do at a regular networking event. Gently facilitated on a given theme, these walks allow you to air your thoughts and shed light
on your thinking.

Why walking? There is an increasing awareness 
of the links between our general health, well being, stress levels and our connection with the natural world. Spending time outside is known
not only to improve our cognition, it can really enhance our overall wellbeing and lower stress levels, particularly walking in wooded environments.