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  • A fertile future? 29 January 2014 Scientists have used mathematical models to show how our parents and other cultural influences could affect the fertility of the future. Their study shows that though there has been a reduction in the size of families over the past 200 years in the future we might see an increase in the number of children people choose to have.


  • The sloth and the moth: A mutually beneficial relationship 22 January 2014 Scientists explain the mystery behind the ‘inexplicable’ risk sloths take to defecate on the forest floor.


  • Miniature machine glides through air like a jellyfish through water 15 January 2014 Scientists have developed a flying machine that more closely resembles a swimming jellyfish than a bird or insect.


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  • Frontiers of computer simulation in chemistry and materials science 06 February 2014 at The Royal Society at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire: Theo Murphy international scientific meeting organised by Professor David Manolopoulos FRS, Professor David Logan, Dr Mark Wilson and Professor David Chandler ForMemRS
  • Stem cells and human health 10 February 2014 at The Royal Society, London: Public lecture by Professor Fiona Watt FRS
  • UK-Brazil-Chile Frontiers of Science 23 February 2014 at The Royal Society at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire: Frontiers of Science is a series of prestigious international meetings for outstanding early career scientists.The UK-Brazil-Chile Frontiers of Science is jointly hosted by The Royal Society, FAPESP and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. The Chilean Academy of sciences has also selected six outstanding young scientists to attend the meeting.

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